All of the sudden not working on Mac

I’ve been using for a couple of weeks without issues, but since yesterday is completely broken.

I can’t open games, I can’t update them, it’s completely useless.

I tried reinstalling the App and updated my iOS but still, not working.

Anyone else having this issue?


If you are getting a specific error code, such as BLZBNTAGT0000138F, you will want to follow and/or post in the Desktop App Mac Technical Support forum:

You can also submit a ticket to Blizzard Support; see . Bear in mind that there are a lot of tickets in the system currently and that the response time is longer than usual. Blizzard Support posted a “Breaking News” about that here .

There might be similar posts on the individual game forums…

The forum here is for providing feedback on the Battle.Net Desktop App; Blizzard rarely replies here.

I have just upgraded to an M3 iMac and although WoW opens will not.
As the account is now linked with the new “better” security I cannot play WoW without to authenticate me!
Have tried downloading the latest but no change.
Is this the big downside of the take over of Blizzard – Mac users will get squeezed out?


Take a look at this topic on the Desktop App Mac Tech Support forum:

Looks like it’s been going on for at least a week now… Blizzard is apparently investigating. There’s a workaround for M1 chipset Macs, but one player reports that that doesn’t work on M3s.

Consider putting a ticket in to at least ensure that Blizzard is aware of the issue for M3s.

Good luck !