Alterac Valley Russians

Will there ever be anything done about these 45 man premade av russians? they are ruining pvp for everybody in Alterac valley. Its not fair that they can queue with 45 people as premades and then hold people hostage not capping graveyards to graveyard camp the opposite team. untill the time runs out or the “rescources” run out.


Greetings from the “russian” Аlliance.
I suggest everyone who believes in the existence of “Russian premades” go to the Russian server and create a death knight. Bring it to level 61 and go to AV, look at the terrible “Russians”.

There are no premades, which is clearly seen when the horde (I remind you that I am from the alliance) follows some tactics.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Well Tearysage, i 100% agree with you. Talking about tactics, the only tactic usefull in a game against a premade russian team is /afk. I rather take the 15 min deserters penalty than play in that hell. Really taking all the gamefun away.