Another solution for BLZBNTBTS00000011

Hello everyone I just wanted to share a solution because I haven’t read this solution anywhere. I had the following error after I recently had to reinstall my client in my Windows 10 PC.

Error Code: BLZBNTBTS00000011

We couldn’t verify the digital signature of your Agent. Follow the steps in this support article to fix this issue.

I have tried all possible solutions which I found here and on the internet and only the following solution has helped me.

Re-registering wintrust.dll has helped me to solve this problem. The following command in the command line window (as admin) should be executed:

 regsvr32 c:\windows\SysWOW64\wintrust.dll

If that doesn’t help, copy a working wintrust.dll from another Windows 10 machine.

I hope I can help a lot of people who have the same problem and are not getting anywhere.


thank you a gazzilion time my good friend thank you

This helped me twice already (in contrast to the random help pages).
Thanks alot - can heartily recommend anyone encountering error BLZBNTBTS00000011 to try this, as it is not gonna do any harm if your wintrust.dll is already registered correctly!

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