Another Warzone 2.0 Thread

So I’m close to done. I’ve followed every suggestion of deleting folders, updating, admin/no admin. All the ‘tips’ that a generic search online gives you. Nothing works. The game wont launch.

I mean it runs, shows in task manager, but doesn’t display. The kicker; it works fine in steam! But apparently COD points don’t move with your activision login. Almost as if I should spend money to get the battle pass AGAIN.

There are bigger things in life, but I do want to play. If anyone has had the same and got it fixed please give me a shout.

The devs are either overwhelmed by the trauma or just don’t care.


don’t waste your money on battle pass come to think of it don’t waste any money with
this platform and COD

Boas Amigo, tenho mesmo problema, já tentei literalmente de tudo e ando a lutar com isto há 3 meses, já conseguio por o jogo a rodar ? Por favor me diga como