Arena system is frustrating

I’m playing wow for already 10 years. I love this game, got many beautiful moments here. I’m mostly pvp player.

And now, I’m just going to stop playing this game. I don’t know how much and why does it take so much to simply adjust and balance class relations.
I’m sick of seeing rogue mage comps surviving more then my comp (dps+healer). Same with ret and prot paladin. I won’t even mention ww monks. Getting in against two dps specs that off heal enough to sustain all the burst and high damage output from our side consuming no mana at all.

Thank you Blizzard. I really loved this game, but this is shame. I would really like to understand what type of pvp are you trying to make at this point, but I just can’t. This game ruins my day almost every time I decide to play pvp.


I agree 100%. It’s ridiculous how much they’ve managed to screw up in terms of pvp balancing and how little they are doing to fix it.
Having mages/druids/monks/rogues/paladins be able to kill you with the click of a button within less than a second is the absolute stupidest thing that can be implemented.
“Ooh but convoke can be kicked and palas are cripled” … shut the F up. Time to fix the absolutely broken classes and make this game playable for all of the PVP players again.
Right now in 2s if you’re not playing as an imba super burst team that can kill you within a second of the opener then you’re not headed anywhere.

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I absolutely agree with you. It should be at least a good matchmaking to be able to enjoy a good fight in a fair way.