Authenticator - SMS for verification fails

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Since more and more gaming benefits in WoW are bound to the usage of an authenticator, I’m feeling “forced” (not really, but you get it) to use it, too.

I’ve installed the app from the App Store (iOS) and tried to connect it to my account. Unfortunately, as soon as I’m supposed to enter my phone number for getting the verification SMS, nothing happens. I am using the number format including the national prefix (+49 for Germany). No error occurs. The app is asking me to enter the “sent” code, but I’m not receiving any.

I’ve tried to start that process again after a few weeks because I thought that maybe it’s a temporary issue, but it’s still the same behavior.

I want to mention that I’ve never had any issue like that before with other platforms.

Did anyone had the same issue and knows a fix?

@blizz, maybe you should check that and fix your app, if you’re binding more and more benefits to the Authenticator usage.


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The authenticator is a spy program. Blizzard will spy on you. Blizzard will know where you are and how much money you can spend on keys. The authenticator is illegal pirated software for the US CIA to keep an eye on your activities.

You will have to hide your phone in foil so that Blizzard can’t see the phone signal and can’t find out where you are. Wrap your phone in food foil so that the phone doesn’t have a signal to mute the authenticator!

Vile capitalists are traitors and spies!

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im also not getting any sms for german phone number

bekomme auch keine SMS weder für authenticator noch für cod warzone

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You have to wrap your phone in silver foil so that the phone doesn’t give a signal and can’t show your coordinates.

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what are you on about ?

if you are so hellbent on it why you just don’t live in a cave where nobody can track your shit ?

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I didn’t fully provide instructions over the phone. You have to wrap your phone in food grade silver foil and put your phone in the microwave for 5 minutes so that all viruses on your phone are destroyed.

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Troll alert. Thanks for nothing.


I got the sms suddenly about 3 days ago maybe it got fixed for you aswell ?