Awakened mark of mastery

after coming back to wow. from long break. i desided to grind mythic to gear up after grinding 2k points and got the awakened mark of mastery. i go to the vendor and use it. not realising i had clicked on hero hand (i have mythic hands already) and cant refund them. every other items are refundable. after all that time iv put in to the game to get nothing back is amazing waste of time that i pay for. this has got to be a bug. cant be intentional

This forum is exclusively dedicated to collecting feedback on the launcher app!

I guess you are talking about WoW? If you think you’ve found a bug then you should report it in-game via the appropriate feature. Then, developers can try to confirm and fix it.

A forum post won’t bring your mark back…

PS: And maybe you might consider spending one or two more seconds when selecting your next item to spare you from regretting of wasting all your invested time.

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