Banned from COD MW2 Open Beta

Are you aware that a false bans were given out in the Modern Warfare II Beta?
I got banned, and I have no idea why. I completed just two matches out of a total of thirty minutes of gaming, leveled up to 3, and then quit the game. I have always played games honestly and have been a gamer my entire life. Since I didn’t do anything illegal or download any cheating tools or altered game files, I think my ban was unjustified. An automatic response was provided after I contacted activision support. It has been over 40 days no with no solution and my 18year old steam account is still wrongfully marked as a cheater.
activision id: awe#6203746

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man saim you fix or the response?

I have also received a permanent ban from Activision for “Unauthorised software” or “Modifying game files”, they provide no recourse or ability for further dialog.
No evidence provided, its impossible to prove a negative.
Asside from Logitech GHUB, Corsair iQue and Dolby Atmos, I have no software that would have any interest in the game. I have opened a dispute with their legal team listed n the T&C.
I imagine there are a vast number of people in the same situation and it will be discussed more openly in time, to Activisions detriment.
At this point Activision are

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I bought the game on early access period and completed the campaign. Waited for international launch day to play multiplayer. Opened my computer and launched Steam to play and to get an game ban on my 8 year old account with no infractions towards any policies or VAC. Then Warzone 2.0 launched, preloaded it, played it for 3-4 hours went to sleep and next day got a “Account banned” text beneath game launch on Battle net. I have zero bans or suspensions and I am a veteran Overwatch enjoyer since launch. I still though got a refund from steam after playing CoD for 8hrs, which is typically denied as the Steam refund policy states.