Banning GDKP's is the worst idea possible to try to fix the economy

Banning GDKP’s is the worst idea you could have had to try to solve the problem the economy has, which is overinflation due to bots constantly farming raw gold and materials to sell in the auction house and then selling the gold, right now GDKP’s are literally the ONLY WAY a casual player can overcome this extreme inflation, is by getting gear in SR or guild runs, and then going to gdkp’s as pumper or semibuyer to make as much gold as possible, if you don’t do that, you are literally doomed to having to farm
for 20 hours a week, competing against farming bots, just to be able to afford your consumables, your world buffs, your respecs, repairs, enchants, level up your professions, buying your mount, etc… I understand some people don’t like to do GDKP’s but in the state the game is it is the best way to be able to afford everything you want in game without having to farm for hours and hours, you make the argument that people do GDKP’s to get gear but that’s not the only reason people do them, it is to be able to keep up with this messed up economy. Blizzard, your ONLY JOB is to try to ban as much bots and gold sellers/buyers as you can, NOTHING MORE, leave casual players alone and don’t force them to have to farm hours and hours on end, because then what will happen is people will go and buy gold anyway because farming gold by yourself would simply not be any efficient. With GDKP’s at least some of the gold that gets botted ends up in casual normal player who haven’t broken any TOS, like me. As I said, your only job is to ban THEM, not to screw normal players. Please reconsider your decision, this will only hurt innocent people and bots and gold sellers will keep making a fortune, if you don’t rectify I’m definitely not playing sod anymore.


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