Battlegrounds - Requesting Blizzard to send me all my BG data

Hi, I have been playing battlegrounds since the beta: I am very passionate of the game, I play pretty much everyday. Because I want to improve my game by better understanding patterns and predictors of winning games based on my own experiences, I wanted to submit a request to Blizzard to retrieve all my raw data (from all the games I have played), so that I could analyze the data on my side to identify those patterns. The data will be so rich of information, and Im keen on knowing some strong in-game predictors of winning (ex: 70% of games won associated with upping to tavern 4 on turn 5, picking dragons when there were no Murlocs, etc), but also external factors that were correlated with winning (ex: 90% of games were won between 5 and 8pm, etc).

Would this be possible? Or I’m loosing my time to ask ? Feedback welcome !