is not responding

Just bought the game and the expansion and I can’t play on There is no reason. Paid, downloaded the game from blizzard, started it up, updated to 1.14d and can’t connect. Blizzard support is non-existent. I had to dig through Narnia just to find out that Blizzard have some security issues with on Diablo 2, but those are not my concern. I paid for the game and I have the right to play online. I’ve tried contacting support, but no result. Reinstalled the game two times, renewed my ip… I still can’t play.
I’m issuing a refund. What Blizzard is doing is illegal by EU law. And more important is the fact that this has been very unpleasant experience for me.


Same problem here, and I think more others…

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Same here, I can only play campaign and customs :frowning:

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Horrible experience, hopefully we can get online asap and some extra bonus for the experience

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Works fine here with good pings.

just bought d2+lod yesterday after i watched some videos on yt,downloaded and patched it etc but doesnt work.
i hope it will work the next few hours/days