Battlnet doesn't open

Good morning, I’ve a problem with Battlenet. One week ago this program was working correctly and, two days later it stopped working. I don’t understand because this is happening, but when I try to do double click on this aplication doesn’t work, neither appears on the inbox. I would like that my problem was solved if you can, thank u!.

Usually if this happens it means updates to other programs have caused the issue. Below is a list of the most common solutions to this :slight_smile:

Enable Windows Secondary Logon

Delete Cache folder

Deactivate any Proxy/Antivirus (AVG, Kaspersky, Hamachi, etc): Disable any antivirus programs

Uninstall and reinstall the Blizzard application

Start your Blizzard application in administrator mode:

  • Right click on Blizzard app icon
  • Select “Run as administrator” from the menu

In some cases, tablet software such as tabtip or wacom can route data to the tablet and the launcher does not like this. If you have such software then use Task Manger to end the app then restart the launcher and it should work :slight_smile: