Blizzard App is GARBAGE

Thanks for making me use the app to log in on the app to log in on the app to open the authenticator that doesn’t work and needs me to open the app with the app when logging in with the app to log into the app with the login I have provided for 15 years, but no it doesn’t work and I can’t chat and everything about it is garbage.

Convince me otherwise.

Tend to agree here. Having issue with the app when clicking PLAY WOW then wow is showed as an application task yet the game itself isn’t turning on. After weeks of discussing the problem and sending them files from my PC CS told me that few of my optimizing programs having conflict with the app and i shall delete them…yet i need these optimizing programs since i don’t have any SSD so my downloading is longer and such programs saving me from waiting long.
Why should i even delete my optimizing programs just to play game i pay for lol :face_with_spiral_eyes: just let me log in wow without any proxy garbage