Blizzard ban system - Disappointing

I have been playing World of Warcraft since vanilla. Gone through expansions, playing the game as usual. I say myself a casual player with enthusiasm about the game. I was so happy when they announced WoTLK.
I can play the best expansion again, yeah! (individual opinion)
But the most disappointing things while playing this game for so long happened to me within a month.

I wanted to gear up my characters for the release, planning to start WoTLK in the best gear I could have achieved.
Then I received my first 30 days ban while the mass AV penalties were applied. “Offense: PvP Non-Participation/Exploitation”.
I have never been banned before, I was so upset about it. And obviously when I saw that my suspension would end after a week of the release.
But 2 days later I got it removed due to an investigation. That is okay, mistakes were made, I could not play for 2 days, not a big deal.

Now I received my second ban, it is only 7 days long.
I was selling Dalaran portals for 30 gold on LFG. Now the charge is: “Violation: Abusive Chat”.
I know it is not the most ethical way to get gold, but I can only say demand/supply.
I did not force anyone to pay this fee.

I just want to ask, how does this whole automated ban system work?

When the AV bans were happening Blizzard in a blue post published:
“When lots of players report a player AFK in Alterac Valley, the only automatic behavior is the application of a debuff that prevents you from gaining honor until you engage in PvP combat, which can be seen in-game.”
Okay, so this system is mysterious and measures some in-game activity.
In the AV case I get that, but I don’t at the same time. Anyways, move on.

I received a lot of toxic/angry whispers because I sell summons for Dalaran.
But at the same time I think I helped a lot of people with that (summoning alts to get to the (cooking) trainer, setting up HS, etc.).
It is up to you to decide, I get it if you disagree.

The thing that makes me so disappointed and angry that how can you do these things automatically?
This is the second time I get banned by this system for absolute no reason.
I am forced not to play while the investiagion and the response with it is made FOR THE SECOND TIME.

I wonder if I get reported by x amount of players then I get banned? for 7 days? Really?
Just because someone was a mean warlock / angry person or with my Dalaran summons I spoiled his/her game experience? Are you serious? First you act (ban) then you ask (investigate) ?

I am so disillusioned.

I know you have to automate things and all the arguments you want to say, trust me.
It is okay, you give “rights” to the players to participate in banning other players for cheating, inappropiate language, exploiting (dalaran summons lol?).
That is not a bad thing to make the community decide what is accepted and what is not.

But when you actually ban the people can you investigate first and then act?
I feel like in a pub where drunk people first punch, then ask.
Now as a guilty person I have to ask for an appeal (AGAIN) and wait for days for the response…

Am I the only one who experienced such things in the game? If yes, I am the problem, but if not, then …

Please do something about this. I kindly ask for it.
Best regards

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well they just banned me for 15 days
som bullshit like calling out GDKP is greedy and ppl need to reporte him so we can get GDKP out of the game foir it killed golmag sever