Blizzard launcher - BSoD

I just wanted to let you guys know that today for the first time (or in a very long time) launcher made my computer crash as soon as I ONLY clicked on the launcher icon… Click and BAM - Blue Screen of Death… What the hell? Can you guys work on your product so it’s at least free from such critical inducing errors? ALSO when I got my computer back and working again I launched (luckily everything went OK) and then noticed that ALL my games on the launcher prompted me to “INSTALL”… So this means that the launcher seriously messed up my PC which is a big “NO NO!”… Fortunatelly for you the “Locate the game” function worked but man my disappointment in Blizzard has never been higher… Please look into your product. Thanks.

sounds to me like you are having harddisk problems, or ram trouble.
rightclick on your startmenu,
press following command: chkdsk C: /f /r
after this if you get BSOD again after starting blizzard, uninstall it, and reinstall it from their website
if its a memory error, try installing memtest (needs an empty usb) and boot from it, it has its own menu, where you can test your ram.
Also make sure you have the newest bios and drivers from your motherboard manifacture.
Hope it helps!

you can also try following command to check if your windows is corrupt:
SFC /scannow
if it tells you that you have an error, just run it again, until it says no errors