Blizzard supports terrorists, the main thing is that the passport is correct

I faced another hypocrisy of Blizzard. More than once, our beloved company has been seen in scandals on a similar topic.

Now they have nobly decided to discriminate against citizens of the Russian Federation.

Probably, by creating new difficulties for players with a Russian passport, or by making statements that they will block the Russian language in one of their games, Blizzard will hasten the end of the war.

You are punishing all citizens of the Russian Federation in what is happening. Even those who opposed and oppose the war and against the authorities, risking their freedom and their health. But you are not interested in it and you just ignored them.

In the meantime, anyone in your game might stumble upon an interesting guild on the Flamegor (Пламегор) server in WoW WotLK Classic. The name of this guild is “PMC Wagner” (ЧВК Вагнер). A bill has been submitted to the US Congress to recognize PMC Wagner as a terrorist structure. It’s like creating an ISIS or Taliban guild.

As a citizen of the Russian Federation, I was disgusted to see that in the game you can create guilds in honor of a terrorist organization. An organization that deals with murders and executions. Which brought so many troubles to Ukraine and Russia. PMC Wagner is an illegal private military company that was created with the permission of Putin, although the laws of the Russian Federation expressly prohibit the creation of such.

I contacted the technical support, they offered me to go into the game and report the guild.

So it begs that Blizzard supports terrorists, the main thing is that the passport is correct.