kako resiti ovu gresku i instalirati battle net aplikaciju


Translated by Google:

how to solve this error and install battle net application

Have you tried the troubleshooting listed in this Support Article (the blue-coloured words are links to additional information that may be useful):

(Note : you can change the language of the Support Article by clicking on the Earth icon at the bottom of the article… although Bosnian is not listed, many other common languages are).

yes tried all that and nothing has helpted


Do you have access to another network (a hotspot from your cellphone, for example) or a VPN ? From the article, it looks like the error is some sort of a connection error – using a different network may help identify where the trouble is.

yes just now have tried it and the same error


OK - I don’t know what else you can try…

I suggest you contact Blizzard Support directly with a ticket… you can start the process here:

In the Description box, write the troubleshooting you have already done.

I hope you can solve this issue quickly.