Bnet Launcher installiaton stuck on 1%

I removed all battlenet files.
Tried turning off firewall and on.
Removed all anti virus programs.
Removed valorant anti cheat.
Tried the msconfig method.

I don’t know how to get past this 1% mark. I tried letting it sit for 2 hours without and progression.

Please help!

  • Cheers

Hello Hippofil,

If the app was installed in the past, it might have some corrupted files. In doubt, please do the following :

  1. Uninstall the App
  2. Delete the Tools
  3. Open file explorer/file manager
  4. Type the following into the address bar (not the search bar): %APPDATA%
  5. Delete the BNet and Blizzard folders inside the %APPDATA% folder if they exist
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 with %LOCALAPPDATA% and %TEMP%
  7. Reinstall the App in its default install folder on the C: drive (very important)

Else, it’s often caused by a security program (firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spyware etc). You might have something left running on your computer that needs to be temporarily uninstalled.

If you don’t see any improvement, we’ll need your MSinfo. You can host the file on an external site such as Pastebin then provide the URL here in a preformatted text. Else, you can just submit a ticket with the file attached.