Bots/ AI in competitive OVERWATCH

Lately, it is full of teams of accounts that are inactive, in the spawn room.
I report this every time.
Once I had such an account in my team. In competitive.
Today I played with two accounts in the team that had the same name, the same endorsement, the same inefficiency in the game. They did not stand still like the ones we talked about above, but they spinning pointlessly around us, the others, who we lost successfully. I reported that too.
My question, as a user of Blizzard applications for years, is: does this situation last? Do you take measures to have fair games? I understand that the purpose of these inactive accounts in the game is their subsequent sale. Can’t be detected? Can’t you kick them out? Do we play hoping to be lucky and not get over them …?

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Hello there KaDra!

This forum is meant for issues regarding classic Blizzard games (Diablo I and II, Starcraft, etc.). Our more modern games have their own forums. You can access the Overwatch forums here.

Still, regards to your issue, make sure to always report any player that you suspect might be breaching the Terms of Use. Here you have information on how to do this.

As this issue is not about one of our Classic games we shall be closing this thread now, but we will welcome your feedback in the Overwatch forums!