Bring The Lootboxes ! !!

I used to play overwatch since 2016,it was fun at the beginning i played non stop and didn’t care much about the weird buffs and nerfs or some character changes after long time of playing there was announcement about overwatch2 i was thinking maybe the game will get better, its got a bit better but its looks like an EA game that you have to pay for everything till this update of season 10 you couldn’t have any of the new character unless you were grinding like a maniac 50 games same roles .The skins was a big part of the game i still remember the loot boxes ,The fun of getting skin by farming them and the excitement when you opening it and getting the skin that you wanted and now you have to pay for every skins. That unfortunate cuz you made a Mythical skins that even more expensive than the normal skins. I think the community will be very happy if you will bring back the loot box system to the game additionaly to battle pass and the shop.


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Best of luck in your games !

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