Burnt phone - cannot log in to account

Hello there!

This is not my primary account. I had to create another to write this message.

So, my original account is blocked because of this f@#kin’ authenticator. My phone has burnt so now I’m in deep shit. And support just give me a hint - send us your ID. But, there is no such man as “Mad Marian” irl. I mean, I created my account long time ago, so those personal data were fake.

I have still my old phone number, access to my email address, etc. But I have no f@$kin’ authenticator, for god’s sake! Please, help me. Or give me my money back!


Do you also have other information that would identify you as the owner of the account ? Key code for the games, perhaps ? Did you use your real address when you registered on Battle.Net ? then you may have bills with that address on it… city tax or something.

Then log out from the forums and contact Blizzard by clicking on Support, and then Contact Support. You will then get a panel asking you to log in; click “I can’t login”. Then you will get a new panel asking why you cannot login… click “I need to remove the authenticator”. That should launch the process. I think it will ask you for your old e-mail address.

There is no point writing on the forums… Blizzard will not react to those and the rest of us are players.

Best of luck with this.

I did exactly the same you described. And I’ve got that kind of message - send ID :confused:

I should have still bills or something on my bank account history. But still - where shall I send it? :open_mouth:

And thanks for your support!

If you already have a ticket… just add to it.

There is perhaps a link on the e-mail to access your ticket ??
Or, you can access your active ticket(s) here: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/case/

Scan or take a picture of the “proof of ID” as a PDF or JPG… either should be acceptable… and add it to your ticket.

Good luck !

So the bills should be fine? I mean, I cannot send ID card because of fake personal data…

Sorry for the delay – real life issues.

You can try bills… but I think you should also send ID card & explain you used a fake name… you should change your name to your real one anyway… and you cannot do that yourself. Do you still have game key codes ? even just one… take a picture and send it in as well. Blizzard will destroy anything you send them anyway once the ticket has been resolved.