Call of duty: COLD WAR

Hello, i cant enter in beta version, anyone have a similar problem?

yeasss i haveeeeeeee

I’m getting error message: 2346936734…and then another error

same here… 2 error messages and total crash

same dude, what on earth is wrong, it just says "game is not avalible

hello…i install the game only because it let me doing it but it doesn t let me play it!! is not purchased but i thought that is week-end free beta,u know…like in MW when is multiplayer week-end free!?? and i cannot press play…it say “This game cannot be played yet”! which it sucks because i didn t install it in the 1st place to hold it on my drive for nothing!! sucksssss!

Hello… I was given a Beta code from SKY VIP… I’ve redeemed it on Blizzard and can’t see where to download… When i enter the code again in the blizzard app is says already redeemed :frowning: