Call of duty : Cold War

(PC) I have not played a COD game since Advanced Warfare, which turned me of the franchise. However, I made a HUGE mistake in pre ordering the ultimate edition. Beta had issues but was fun, for the part.
Most of my time has been on Zombies but every day seems to be getting harder to play. Fatal crashes, mitigation host ends your game! When someone quits, my game quits! I spend hours into a game and bam! Game crashes, every game now. Unplayable!
I, as do everyone else want to show of our Calling cards, but can we? NO! It resets every game!!
I wish I never paid for this game, utter disgrace it got released just to coincide with the PlayStation 5 launch.
Unfinished, unplayable, unworthy.


This game is terrible. It seems that they are imitating Battlefield. I’ve already uninstalled it. You will have to work very hard for this game to come close to the call of duty modern warfare. I thought it was only Battlefied that appeared unfinished. but it seems that you are following in their footsteps.

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