Call of duty warzone 2.0 error

failed to login to online services [reason: DETRICK - GEILENKIRCHEN]

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For Call of Duty games, support is restricted to purchasing and installation; if you can click the Play button on the Battle.Net Desktop App, you will need to contact Activision support.

A simple search on ‚ÄúDETRICK - GEILENKIRCHEN‚ÄĚ in Google also yields several hits.

Finally, there’s a Warzone 2 sub-reddit here:

I hope this helps a bit.

Im geting the same over here in the UK. Had it for over a week now and only managed to log on about 4 times. I’ve tried everything thats mentioned on the net but no luck! Nothing has changed with my pc and my router settings are the same. Seems to be since Ranked started!