Call of duty WARZONE freeze & lag

Hi !

Problem :
A lot of small freeze occurs in game, that make it unplayable.

Specs :
i7-6700 3.40GHz
GTX 1070
Win 10
HD sata 1 To
Driver Nvidia : 442.59
dxdiag/version -> directX 12
fiber connection (100 mb/s)

Comparative tests and monitoring :
test start with GPU at 50°C and 10 min between the 2 tests

apex legend IN GAME

GPU use : 40/70%
GPU temp : 60/65°C
CPU Use : 50%
Memory use : 53% (of 8Go )
Disk use : 60%

Call of duty warzone IN GAME

GPU use : 5/10% (??)
GPU temp : 78/82°C (!!)
CPU Use : 80%/85% (!!)
Memory use : 93% (of 8Go )
Disk use : 87%

I tryed unsuccesfully :

  • uninstall / reinstall the game
  • right clic on C:\Program Files (x86)Call of Duty Modern Warfare\Modern Warfare Launcher.exe
    and C:\Program Files (x86)Call of Duty Modern Warfare\Modern Warfare.exe
    Compatibility > execute as adminstrator + disable full screen optimisation
  • install the sofware “Process lasso” to keep the process on the game priority at “Normal” (and not “High”)
  • Put all graphics setting of the game to low
  • Disable the game layering in Nvidia parameters (game recordings of best moments)
  • Disable game recording in warzone options
    But nothing did the trick, i still have a lot of mini freeze / kinda lag in game.
    Can anyone help me ?

Same problem with gtx 760

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I think problem is the HDD rate, try with SSD

It’s kinda strange, apex/overwatch/fornite/palladins …etc. run normaly WITHOUT SSD !
u telling me that if we don’t buy SSD we can’t play normaly to call of duty warzone ?? Do they have partnership with sanDisk or western digital ^^ ??
And Just realized that my software is not telling me the right % of GPU use. But Temperature is correct !
In game with apex legend i stay below 65°C with normal graphics settings, and with call of duty warzone i am at 75/80°C with all graphic parameters to LOW !!
I can’t understand, just made the drive update 442.74, disable full screen, and nothing did the trick
If i burn my GPU with the confinment i’m gona get crazy ^^

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great…but unplayable at the moment. The lag is extreme when coming near an enemy. just stops everything and you dont even know you are already dead. sometimes happens while free-falling.
its immensely frustrating


The same thing happens to me, freezing during the game and I have the recommended requirements. I have the game installed on an SSD and it still works fatal. Some answer?


I feel your pain. game was playing fine just a few days ago now crazy lag :frowning:

Can anyone else confirm that SSD solves the problem of high CPU usage?

I can confirm you that installing the game in a SSD disk do not solve the issue. I tried it, and I have de same issue. I think that is a memory related problem, like you, I have 8GB ram and I think the game i caching to disk to many information. I will try to buy 8GB ram more.

Fake I use SSD, and mini freezing not stopped

Not, I installed the game in SSD and I have same problem, mini freezing that make the game unplayable

I’m the same my fps drops in every game like soon as I get into a shoot out itll lag and when trying to parachute also causes so many deaths I’ve done all update to my PC lowered my graphics but I have a 2k gaming msi pc it was all good till about a week ago and nothing I do fixes it???

I live in the Netherlands and have these huge lagg issues aswell. The game has become simply unplayable. It realy is a bad thing, since I already bought the battle pass and now the days are flying by while I can’t play. Considering asking a refund here.

I have the exact same issue. My computer can run any game without any problems what so ever.

I was playing season 2 perfectly, when we had the patch for season 3 that is when everything started going wrong.

Even on the loading screen I can feel the computer struggling, tabbing out of the game is out of the question! The game runs awfully, stuttering constantly, any sort of input from me causes the game to freeze.

From what I understand my CPU/Memory go through roof running at 100%, But I honestly do not know much about this.

I tried the game on my gaming laptop with a much lower spec and it runs perfectly, would really like to have a fix for this!

My spec:

GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
Driver version 445.75
Intel® Core™ i5-8600K CPU @ 3.60GHz
7.95 GB RAM

They actually need to fix this asap. Its not fair as a majority are still on 8gb ram which is still usable in 2020…i play demanding games with the likes of battlefield 5, apex legends yet on those games i dont experience any issues…i play warzone and instant lag idk why…

In the Windows 10 Start menu type ‘Perf’ and Select ‘Adjust appearance and performance of windows’.

Go to the advanced tab, and go to Virtual Memory, click ‘Change’

At the top, untick ‘Automatically manage paging file size for all drives’

Select each drive individually that is NOT a SSD and select ‘No Paging File’ and Press ‘Set’

Set the SSD Drives to ‘System Managed Size’ (This allows windows to pick a size) and Press ‘Set’

Click ‘OK’ on the window, and the previous window.

Restart the PC

If you don’t have an ssd only a hdd like me you s*it out of luck.

Hi Rito,

I just tried this and it actually made the game work straight away!

  • What did I just change around on my PC?
  • Will I need to change those settings back at some point?

Thanks a lot for the help!

If High CPU(100%) usage is causing stuttering /Lag
Even though you have high end PC; try this Fix. Worked for me 9th i7 2060ti

share the video if worked
Help others

Even though you have high end PC; try this Fix. Worked for me 9th i7 2060ti

share the video if worked
Help others

Same here, that game is pure garbage now.