Call of Duty : Warzone huge lags and FPS drops

About 2-4 days ago the game went to absolute shit, literally, i was able to play all high graphics with a solid 120 FPS and one day to the other i’m not even able to play all low graphics without FPS drops and huge lags, cant properly play the game, i try to aim the game lags, i run around and the game lags, huge fps drops, is this because of my PC or the Game, because all other games run just as good as before, what happened?


Same problem, shitty optimization maybe

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Yep same thing happened to me. I had 120+fps, could even have a twitchstream on the other monitor and still no fps drops. Now (for like 1.5month) i get drops to 75fps… and overall lower fps. Something must have happened in an update…

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