Cannot connect to (Diablo II LoD)


I have an issue with the Diablo II Lord of Destruction game. I installed the game and updated the game to the latest patch. After trying to connect to, I receive the following error after 3 days of trying:

“Your CD key is currently being used by:

Claimed on

Only one registered instance of this application can use your CD key at a time. If your connection to was interrupted, please wait five minutes before trying to connect again.”

I’m not sure what the error means since I am sure I am the only one running the game. I have also not found any solutions for the issue as of yet. Any other users with the same issue?

Thanks for any help that comes my way.

Hey The7thWarior,

This error can mean that you are using an older installation of the game or old client files. Following the steps in the article below should resolve this for you

I have tried the steps above, but I do not have a 26 digit code to install the game. The game also does not appear under my game subscriptions, I have checked. I also seem to be unable to add any other game to the list.

I have a 16 digit game code that came with the original game but no 26 digit code. I assume there’s a special 26 digit version of the code for the same game, however I do not have access to these codes.


You need to convert your 16-character code into a 26-character code… For details on how to do that, see the last paragraph under “I am installing online” in :

Also, here are some screenshots to illustrate the steps…
(paste the links in your browser)

  • Redeem your 16-char keys :
  • Get your new 26-char keys :

Best of luck in your games !

I tried the steps above, however it would appear that the code has already been redeemed, at least that is what the site says after I enter my 16-digit CD key.

Any ideas? Thank you for the help so far :slight_smile:

Check under Games and Subscriptions… under Classic Games… are your 26 digit licenses already there ? (ie, you may have redeemed your key previously and have forgotten about it). See this screenshot: (copy the link in your browser)

Do you have several Battle.Net accounts ? You’d need to use the same account that you used when you redeemed those keys. If you cannot remember your account details, you will need to contact Blizzard directly – that type of issue cannot be handled on the forums (privacy issues). If needed, you can reach Blizzard here:
and clicking the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page.

If you need to contact Support, you will likely need to prove that you’re the owner of the account… see this Support note for details:

Good luck !

It is possible that I have another Blizzard account, yes. I will contact Blizzard support and seek a solution. Thank you for your help so far.

I also do not have a “Classis games” section on my account, so it’s likely I redeemed a code on another account. I will check. Thank you!

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