Cannot Download COD Warzone

I am trying to download COD Warzone and when I click “Play For Free” it pops a window with nothing on it and it just loads forever anyone knows what’s the problem here?

prntscr. com/rfsxms

is anyone else having this problem??

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same thing is happening to me, idk how to fix it

Idk I tryed restarting and re-installing blizzard but nothing works.

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This usually means another program is messing with the installer.
Try temporary shutting down security software and any connection ones, VPNs and the like. If this does not resolve the issue then reach out to the Support Team with your System Files -

I get an error when I click on your link…

I had the same problem. Check if you have verified your email address, that solved problem for me.

Guten tag ich habe das prob das ich seit 2 tagen versuche das game runter zu laden und es bleibt immer bei 23 gb stehen da hört er auf es zu laden was ist da los ? und bitte kommt mir nicht mit genug festplatten speicher ja das habe ich 1 tera sollte ja reichen