Can't access Warzone at all because Dev error 5573


Yesterday my game crashed while changing operators, and since then I was not able to play Warzone. Error 5573 pops up as soon as I enter warzone, everything works fine while I am in main menu, that one menu where you can switch between Warzone, Cold War and Modern Warfare, but when I enter warzone it crashes. I tried repairing and scanning game, reinstalling it, almost everything I could think of, but its still same. Weird thing is that I can play it using different account perfectly fine but on mine it crashes. I saw some people recommending to change operator and it will fix it, but I cant even access operator page without crashing. Today’s update didn’t change anything. Do you guys have any solutions or fixes ? I am really annoyed by this situation. To be completely accurate it crashes every single time and I am not able to do anything.

If you guys cant help me, direct me to the link or person that can, I am having hard time navigating Activision support page, I only found some general advices and solutions that don’t apply to my problem. It just keeps redirecting me from one guide to another without much help.


Same here -.- im waiting with you

update: played one round in cod mw multiplayer went to the menu with the 3 games clicked on warzone and boom it works.

Hey, the same thing happened to me, but if you have the multiplayer, go from the multiplayer to the warzone and quickly switch to a black ops operator. (You may not do it at first, as you must be very fast).

The same situation. 2 Days ago i reinstall the game becouse of crushing game after update - when i play operator from cold war. Before everything was ok.
Game works fine until yesterday.
Identically - game crashes in menu. I cant change operator. I cant do anything.
Do I have reinstall game everyday. 90 gb its not that small amount od data.

It seems so Funny Bit i have the Same issue since in changend my caracter to sticht prisoner Skin and Thats the fold

I tryed the normal Skin of him an it work !!

I guess there is some large issue with this Skin himself cause the Mission are bugt also

Just try an other Skin an u can Play without and dev error

You can not change your opertor becouse game crush in main menu. You have about 2 sec and game crush.


I went fast to menu weapons and change weapon. It works. Game already works. Now im afraid to change anything. But game works

I am having the same trouble as well. I have had the worst luck in world with this game and company. First my game wouldn’t work on console, then they deleted my profile, I made 2 new profiles. On my 3rd now, just got the dev code and I have only been on pc for about 2 months. Idk what to do, I spent time and money on the game. The cod community needs to come together, fix these issues, the fact that Activision takes advantage of us way to much. I’ve never had so many problems with one game. Not so much that I couldn’t play, had to spend hard earn money to get my account back. There has to be something we can collectively do to solve this issue

Please help fellow cod players.

same here, no chance to change operator or weapon - game crashes

For me it was the FFAR Arid Constrictor blueprint that was on my “favorite” loadout. You can fix it by entering on the multiplayer first (this will skip the first screen with the news that pops up when you open warzone), then really quickly press the weapons tab, edit loadout and choose any other loadout as your favorite. It took me 3-4 times but it is doable.


his favorite loadout, is causing the problem, he must have a cold war weapon in his favorite.

the game crash after 2 seconds. So you have to change your favorite equipment fast.

Below I have a solution …

The reason for all of these changes below is simple … to make your computer respond as quickly as possible to the imputs on the home screen.

01 - Lower the resolution of your monitor as much as possible.

02 - go to the game options (screen where you choose which game to play), choose the window mode in graphics.

03 - decrease as much of the window as you can see.

04 - close as many windows programs and processes as you can.

Now try to quickly change your favorite equipment to one that is not cold war.

It took me a few tries, but it worked.


FFAR Arid Constrictor blueprint is the problem. The game worked fine for me until i equip this weapon and now i cant change because the game crash very fast

Same thing for me. No chance to change any setting. Game just freezes my whole PC, no chances. I’ll wait till fix///

The whole server is down!! WTF… Both Warzone and Cold war isnt working!!


I bought the new domino bundle right before the servers went down and when they went back up, I couldn’t open the operator tab, it made my game crash every time. I could load the new weapon skin for a change.

(I have another issue that makes my pc restart when I open the game, and I’m still not sure why it’s doing it exactly, the thing is I can play the game normally sometimes but other times the rebooting persists and it’s very frustrating. As of now I’m not getting it though, and it’s not related to the current issue I’m getting)

So I deleted and reinstalled the game, let it download through the night.

Right now the issue I’m getting is related to the operator, I’m 99 per cent sure.
I managed this morning to select the operator once in the operator tab, cause it let me open it for some reason (probably cause I reinstalled), so now it’s equipped, but the model itself didn’t load in and my game straight up crashed. The model simply doesn’t show on the screen, and now that it’s equipped/selected, every time I launch the game it crashes as soon as enter the warzone main menu. I assume it tries to load the model in cause it’s aware I own it, but doing so just makes my game crash. I really wonder if I’m the only one getting this specific issue and hope that there’ll some kind of fix soon. At the moment I’m waiting for the Chat with an Activision Agent to be online, hopefully they have a solution.



I had the same issue and finally managed to fix it. The reason was FFAR loadout set as default.
Just set all graphical settings to max, including resolution scaling, so you will have more loading time before it crashes and change loadout/operator to MW one.

FFAR Arid Constrictor blueprint (selected as my favorite) was my issue as well… used an xbox to login to change it and so far looking good