Can't add my phone number

I currently reside in belgium, but I moved here only a few months ago, from Luxemburg, so my phone number also is from Luxemburg (+352) and not from belgium (+32), however upon trying to add my number rhe belgian country code appears, so why not let people chose, i for one can’t play warzone because of this nonsense, any help would be much appreciated.

Hello vTryzii,

Please have a look into this article, as it may help you out.

I 've seen this one already and I can’t change my country because I live ine Belgium but don’t have a number registered to that country.

Hello again vTryzii,

You can submit a request to have your country changed here and our Support Team will be able to assist from there.

Bruh I can’t change my country because I don’t live in the country my phone is registered to…
Also I’ve tried hence why I posted this.