Can`t connect to on D2 LoD

Hey. I’ve searched a lot in the net today, didn’t find anything that answers my problem. What’s wrong with D2 LoD bnet connection? I really want to play LoD 'cause my laptop doesn’t have a graphic card AND D2R is 3x expensive than the classics.

Anyway, is there a way to type # on the bnet log in screen? Can u please share how I do it? Or is something u guys are working on?

Take your time. I love this game so much, have on Series S and now the classics on PC and really want to play it. Thanks.

Hello silenciopz75,

The symbol # just can’t be used for the account name, only the password. Also, you need to create a “Diablo 2” account to play D2 LoD, it’s not linked to the modern accounts.