Can't Download Battenet

I had to uninstall Battlenet because my WoW wasn’t updating. I tried re-installining Battlenet and it’s stuck on “Installing Battlenet… 0%”. I tried EVERYTHING I found on the forums.
Deleting every file from %temp%, %appdata%,…
Reseting Network Configurations
Disabling Firewall, deactivating Background Applications, etc

Then I tried to download it on my Laptop where Battlenet was NEVER installed. It’s again stuck on “Installing Battlenet… 0%”.

What is going on? What can I do? Pls help.


Download server is down . . . same problem. See twitter


Thank you. I didn’t see that.

God bless my friend

its sick that they put it out to play free when peapole who bought it cant play and downloade it.