Cant download Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne

Im downloading WC3 classic. It always downloads reforged version which I cant start for some reason. There is always an unexpected error and it crashes. So now i cant play my classic WC because i cant install it in any way. Anyone with the same problem?

Yea me too. Cant download neither Reign of Chaos nor The Frozen Throne. It cuts off 80% through and says “Failed - Network error”.

Been trying since yesterday.

Which OS are you guys using?

There may be some ideas here if you’ve not tried anything yet:

Its not failing to download the app from the site. I download it and when i click install it starts installing WC refrged not the old WC3. When I start the reforged version from the app it crashes with a black screen. Im using windows 10, but before the reforged i didnt have a problem starting my WC3.