Can't get new battlenet app

My boyfriend next to me has the updated battlenet but mine still the old one. i tried reinstalling battlenet and everything about our pc’s is the same…
I can’t find a button anywhere to have battlenet check for a new version…


Blizzard is updating the Battle.Net app little by little; I don’t know what logic their upgrade follows but yeah… There is nothing you can do that will cause the new Battle.Net to be deployed to your account. You just need to wait… and check if you have an upgrade pending (the green bar at the bottom of the App – see for a screenshot) from time to time.

If you want to check out the new version, you could load the Beta. Click on the blue Blizzard logo in the upper left corner of the App, select Settings, Select Beta and click the button to switch to Beta. It will download the beta… which looks identical to the new version your boyfriend has.

Best of luck in your games !