Can't install diablo 2 expansion from CD

I installed Diablo 2 from 3 CD parts and when i try to install LoD expansion it says that i don’t have Diablo 2 installed and i need to install it first


I’m surprised you were actually able to install the base part from the CDs… :slight_smile:

The preferred installation method now is to redeem the Classic Diablo II (base & LoD) in your Battle.Net account prior to installation; if you haven’t yet, you can do so here: (copy paste my link in an empty browser tab or window).

Then, click on “Games & Subscriptions” in the left margin, and scroll down to the “CLASSIC GAMES” section. You will find your new license key for Classic Diablo II and Diablo II LoD, as well as a button to download the latest version (1.14B) of the game. See this screenshot:

If you prefer to play Classic Diablo II in a language other than English, you can specify your preferred language here: before downloading it (scroll down to the Classic Games area).

Finally, you need to download the patch which will bring your game to version 1.14D; the patches are located on Blizzard’s FTP site. Since you have both Diablo II and Diablo II: LoD, use the appropriate link below: (copy and paste in your browser to download the patch):

  • For PC version:
  • For Mac version:

(Just in case you’re wondering where these addresses come from… see the last paragraph in – the links that I have provided above are from the “and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (PC / MAC).” part. You don’t need to download the Diablo II (base) patch.)