Can't install (purchased) Modern Warfare

Hi, could you please help?

I purchased Call of Duty Modern Warfare (Multiplayer) and have played it many times before, but I sold my PC and now a year or so later I have another one to use but on the Blizzard Launcher, on COD Warzone tab, when i go to Options > Install > Modify, to try and ‘tick’ multiplayer, campaign, etc… it says I can only install Warzone and not Modern Warfare Multiplayer and the rest. How do I fix this? It shows in my profile as one of my games and also in my Subscriptions, so i know it’s definitely the correct account



Hey there vithos,

The account that you have made this post from, does not actually have the full Modern Warfare game, so it seems that the game is under a different account.

I have the same issue because I purchased modern warfare to play the multiplayer but when i try and load it up it says that i still need to purchase it.

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