Can't log on my account

Hello. I cant login on my account. Just bought subs.for account on my other email and simply forgot email adress password and then trying to reset my password. I think i locked him or something. When opening battlenet on browser just saying account recovery limit. I cant do nothing. I try to open a ticket but there no response. Can someone help ?


Unfortunately, no one can help you on the forums… you will need to submit a ticket to Blizzard Support.

This is a link to “Recover e-mail address”… but Blizzard Support can also provide the password if needed. Use this link and click on the Contact Us button – that will launch the Identity Verification process and the ticket form.

There should be some space for you to describe what the issue is… put as much details as you can.

The response time is long currently… many events have occurred recently and have increased the number of tickets. Although the usual response time is 24-48 hours, it’s a lot longer currently… you will need to be patient. Sending more than one ticket is counter-productive… and only increase Blizzard’s workload.

Good luck with this.