Can't play warzone while downloading MW


I just bought MW a couple of minutes ago. Now it started a 88GB download and I can’t play warzone anymore.

I would like to be able to play the original warzone while downloading MW.


Hello Rockslide,

With regret if you own Modern Warfare, there is no option to install Warzone separately. You must install the entire game to play, sorry!

This is not exactly true. Not sure if you mis-worded your response.

You can download warzone separately. It’s around 110 gb. (Ive owned warzone for a week before I decided to purchase modern warfare.) The catch is that Warzone does not include the files for Modern Warfare. But it is in the same game. So when you purchase Modern Warfare it’s basically downloading a massive DLC for the game you’ve already downloaded (MW is around 100gb)

Just like you, Rockslide, I am locked out of the game. I will be unable to play for a few weeks as my download speed in my area is fairly slow.

So even though Warzone is fully installed on your device, you are unable to play it while you wait for a different game to download… and that is very irritating.

I wish I had known this before I bought the game, I would have waited until I could go visit a friend with higher download speeds. But now that I hit the purchase button I cannot play anymore…


I found a way.
In launcher, press options next to play, uninstall, modify install, untick modern warfare then apply, and you can play warzone…
I just did that so i can play warzone tonight then download MW when i go sleep.