Cant see my weapon when game starts


This issue happens every new game (party) and started after the last update (pacific). My weapon is appearing after 20 seconds from game start (new lobby). I have a good set and the game is installed in SSD drive and got all updates …ect.

Thank you for your help


This forum is to provide feedback for the Battle.Net Desktop App to Blizzard.

You didn’t specify what game this was for, so…

  • If this is for an Activision game (such as Call of Duty), your best bet is to contact Activision Support at ;
  • If this is for one of Blizzard’s Classic Games (Warcraft III, Diablo II, Starcraft), then you should be using the Classic Games Tech Support forum… and provide more details; or
  • If this is for one of the newer Blizzard games, then you should be using the forum for that game – if you don’t know where that forum is, let me know what game this is for and I’ll provide a link for the forum.

Best of luck in your games !

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