Cheating Problem in Warzone. IP Ban?

Im sure this topic gets mentioned a lot, but if they want to save the game, they really need to come up with something. I really like the game and to compete in it, but the cheating problem just gets out of hand.
Its good to see Activision/Blizzard at least tried something (punishing CxCheats as an example), but its like they dont ban people anymore, cause they will do a new account anyway?!
Even as an YouTuber, you wont get harmed. I mean how can someone upload videos of using cheats for 5 months (with the same account!) and not getting banned. I witnessed something like that myself also. After a game I added a cheater, who used trigger, wallhack and even wrote in this clantag, that he is cheating, to my friendlist and reported him a few times. He has over 8 days of playtime, still not banned.

So heres my question. Why is it so hard to ban them? Apex Legends apparently did they job so great, that the cheater complained about the ban. Isnt that the best thing a developer could accomplish?
In my opinion, IP Bans are the only way to go and I’m pretty sure it would attract more player than it would scare away.

Is there something in progress or did they just gave up?

They don’t care, why would they, cheaters spend a lot of money on the game and on cheats. Its big money for the cheat makers and game companies.

Cheaters are only going to get worse all the while companies turn a blind eye so they can keep the money selling a game full of cheaters that you can’t have fun with.

Governments should step in and make it a crime to cheat and force game companies to do much more, like in South Korea have done already giving people up to 5 years in prison and $10,000 fines.