Cheating still going on

So, I know there are moderators who read some of these posts I don’t see the point of this forum if mods don’t help.
here is the question and I know I won’t get an answer because they need you to spend a lot of money for the next COD but before you do just wait a few weeks just to see how bad the cheating will be, and it will be bad.
To moderator what can you say to me that would make me feel that the new COD game will be cheat free or very rare cheating before I pay as much as £85 for it because warzone is just pathetic how bad the cheating is, and I have a lot of recordings where you can see the aim bot working and players following others through the walls.
so, sell me your game Blizard.
more lightly I get a ban.


I did not think I would get an answer from a moderator or someone from this reck of a franchise so it’s a deferent no from me I will not waist any more money on this franchise because once they have your money that’s it you won’t get any help from them, but you will get banned for posting something like this. I will wait till its half price about a month after launch thing is PC players are not the main demographic the console players are the ones; I just hope ever one holds off for a couple of weeks the price will come down
but being launched around Christmas time is marketing at its best.

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