Cheats Cheats & More Cheats

Ok so it would seem Activision nor Raven can be bothered to deal with the amount of cheaters currently playing War zone / Cold war what ever you want to call it. The game is currently full of cheaters with new accounts more now than it ever has been.

Explain something to me you seriously expect people to pay for any new release that you are involved with if you cant even deal with the unbelievable problem that all ready exist & knowing your doing nothing about it.

you cannot play more than 3 rounds without coming across one and they don’t even try to hide it they think its funny to ruin peoples games and make you waste your time while spending money on blueprints and operators they actually get a kick from it knowing nothing is going to get done about it no matter how many time you report them and this is the kick in the teeth. If you actually do manage to ban one or two of them within 24 hours there back with another account doing the same thing all over again.

Deal with this shit so people can and will want to play without fear of wasting there time or money. Until then i can only see more and more people leaving this game until it gets to the point that it just about leaves cheaters vs cheaters because all the normal people will have found a more enjoyable game to play.


got to much time making skins and weapon skins for the buy store bet if they add walls and aimbot to the store theyed make a killing
had many years with cod and the way things have gone time to move on and leave the bullshitter to battle the who got the better hacks.

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Just quit that crap game.