Chinese cheats on dmz

yet again we have been took out by chinese cheats who know were you are on the map, but worsed of all we managed to kill one chinese with in 2mins of the game on loooking in his back pack he has 140k in gaming consoles on him so every time you took a gaming console out of his back pack your back pack filled up with console and his back pack still had 140k worth of gaming consoles in it…
this game is now being ruined by these chinese cheat and nothing happens to them

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This forum is for feedback and suggestions on the Battle.Net Launcher.

Your post seems to relate to Warzone 2, a game published by Activision; if so, you should note that Blizzard cannot help with any in-game issues in Activision games – you will need to contact Activision Support .

This article on the Activision Support website may also be useful:

Best of luck in your games !


thx u for letting me know

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Yeh it is soo funy after two years of MW2 we still see cheaters in the DMZ Aim bot and Wall hack!