Classic Diablo 2 LOD

Excuse me, excuse me! It’s g etting harder and harder to get in contact with a support, regarding classic games. So I am trying here

I just logged into my account in Diablo 2 LoD and I can see that I am actually missing a few characters? ( Only myself aware of the password ) And if someone luckily enough managed to do hack my account, then I am pretty sure more than just a few characters would be gone.

#1. I haven’t deleted it myself
#2. It’s been a main character, so I always kept it upto date
#3. It is just totally gone…

Basic a character shouldn’t just disappear out of nowhere. Except for IF being hacked and one delete OR run with items etc. Then it’s pretty visible.

I haven’t deleted it myself, and I am pretty sure this will lead nowhere. Just want to get in contact with support :frowning:

Hey there,

It is possible for Diablo II characters to be deleted if they have been inactive for a long time. If you have come back to Diablo II after not playing for a while, this is a possibility.

Firstly, could you try the following :

  • Make sure you are accessing the correct account
  • Make sure you are logging into the correct region (Europe, Asia, US etc)
  • Create a new character on that account and delete it to refresh your character list

If that does not make the characters appear, then they were likely deleted or expired due to inactivity. More details on inactive characters can be found here :

The character(s) haven’t even been in my account character list, although it is the same account I am using. Besides, IF it were expired and someone else had taken the name, it would still be in the selection just unavailable to log into, which ain’t the issue/cause, as it’s totally vanished and I ain’t deleting characters. Instead making a new account :smiley: