Cod DMZ cannot save loadout

Whot can i done i can cuztimaz my gun but now matter whot i do it whont save my loudout som 3 times now i have startet ar DMZ match whit nothing even tho i seletet wepens if i got to lobby and back to loudout all is gone so WTF


I have this same issue as well.

I have this same issue as well.

Pretty sure it’s designed like that. The only “loadout” that can be customized and saved is the insured weapon, and that goes on a cooldown if you die with it. Kinda shitty design but in no way a bug it seems.

I am not also having this issue, i figured loadouts are saved server side as your loadouts save no mater what computer you are on. Although I started with the good old fashion “scan and repair” found no issues. Tried rebooting the PC as I thought it was maybe that too because I was getting static in my headset when booting the game now but no. Next I tried deleting the folders out of the Documents and even the c:/user/userdata/local to try for a fresh start an also didn’t work. I have now moved onto uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

Come to find out it was all caused by the blueprint of the insured weapon I was trying to take into the DMZ. If you are having the same issues take the gun without using the blueprint.