COD: MW game crash [dev error 6238]

Hello everyone,

Since the map: “Crash” came out I get dev error 6238 whenever i try to play map Crash, and Shipment. There were couple updates and i tried to scan and recover files and still nothing helps. I paid 60 euros for game and can’t even play it properly.
My system requirements meet even highest graphic quality so that’s not the problem. Any solution to this?

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me too same issue ever since i got the game havent been able to play it always stuck on the terrorist video

Sorry to hear you are both having issues with the same map in-game.

Blizzard can only assist with Purchase or Installation/Patch issues with the launcher for Call of Duty games. Once you have the game installed and can click play to get into it, then you actually need to contact Activision Support for assistance.