COD MW Mouse issue

Dear Team,

Since the last patch updated the mouse doesn’t work in game and the navigation through the menu is badly messed up, for example i click quick match then i get a message do i want to quit to desktop.

Could you please advise???


I have the same problem with a friend, a solution please?

Hi I fixed it, Alt + Z for the geforce experience then close the thing it will work

i fixed,:

  1. Hit windows key + G to open xbox game bar

  2. Once game bar has been opened, ctrl+alt+delete to open task manager

  3. End task for game bar, once you tab back into your game it should be fixed.

Enjoy !

Same trouble and neither of these two fixes helped me.
X-Box bar is uninstalled, geforce experience is turned off.
I tried to reboot several times with different combinations of running programs, turn on and turn off geforce experience, tried to shut down everything except the blizzard launcher.

Hi there!

So, we actually can only help with Installation or Patching issues on Call of Duty, but for anything else you can contact Activision Support. There’s a link to that here:

Yours, Arythwinn