Cod warzone crashes 3-5 minutes after launching

after installing update 1.20 game crashes to desktop few minutes from launching, reinstalled it several times on diferent hdds, did the change files names trick, checked on all drivers (all ok) and keeps on crashing. please fix it already, many players cant play the game they paid for after this update.


I have the same problem, every game start lasted 5 minutes and then crashed into the desktop without errors. But is it possible that there is a problem every week? I understand it’s a beta version but maybe we have to call it an alpha version ?? but the meaning of all this? I also invested money for a new video card which was not the cause. All this is truly disturbing.

I’m having a similar problem once the game reach the choosing screen between MW and WZ, just crash no errors whatsoever.

i have the same problem

With this last update, it closes automatically the warzone application. Unfortunately, I can not see the debug log as well.