COD Warzone : Desktop crash

Hi again , i dont know what i need to do but i tried everything possible and still crashing to Desktop and i can’t see whats going on. Tried with old driver , with new driver , priority in normal , high , above normal , -d3d11 , runed as admin too and i have nothing installed like MSI or something , deleted game , blizzard and everything whats get - still dropping out of the game. Please when someone know what to do to explain how can i fix that . I have an Acer Aspire with 8 gb RAM , 840m Nvidia geforce with 2 GB VRAM - core i5-5200.


i have a similar issue, i updated my gpu drivers. now the game wont work anymore. saids there is a problem with directx

I have the same problem as colleagues. Game at startup problem with DirectX

I also have a similar problem mine is: DEV ERROR 6068…

If any one know how to fix it, I appreciate.

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has anyone got a response the the fix for the startup issue

me too. :slightly_frowning_face:

Will some1 do smthng about us poor souls…
I have the same problem
“DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error.”
and tried everything which is on the internet solutions…

Me too, i’ve tried every solutions on internet but nothing fixed my game including rolling back my NVIDIA driver to january verison. 1 day after the warzone patch i can play it for 1 or 2 games, next day i tried to launch the game but it crashed. Now i’ve been waiting since the problem happen until now

I have the same issue, I think all that is from activison, we need to wait a next update myb.

Tried every possible way to repair it, doesn’t work. In activision we trust :confused:

MW crashed when I press windows and G, For the Xbox Game Bar.
It’s been happening past 3 days now :frowning:

so sad to many problems with this game and no one respond… we pay for this game to have it only in library …tnx activision