COD Warzone: Keyboard Not working in Warzone on PC Windows 10

My keyboard doesn’t work in game, works on everything else besides Call of Duty/Warzone. The ‘F’ keys, spacebar, ctrl and alt keys work. But nothing else. I have tried another keyboard with same outcome.
If I change to controller it works, but I don’t want to play on controller.
In the back of my mind I think this happened on COD a couple of years ago, but can’t remember how i fixed it. It’s driving me nuts, HELP!


Hey Marko

Don’t want to hijack your thread but I have the same problem!

I installed warzone and was trying to set up the keys when I realized only the mouse seemed to be working in-game. The keyboard works fine everywhere else but in-game the only place you can use it is if you use the mouse to push the chat box in the bottom right corner. To type there works like a charm but you can’t even escape to “exit” the type field.

I’m using a Corsair K70 RGB Mk2 with the latest updates and I’m only having this issue with warzone.

I tried replugging, restarting, reinstalling keyboard firmware, connecting a controller and disconnecting it trying to force the keyboard to be the active choice, making sure 20x that it’s set to keyboard and mouse and also reinstalling the game which was a really bad decision yesterday as the servers were having problems not even allowing me to start my 85gb download or if it started it was at a speed of a few kb/s or b/s.

Don’t know if I should say I’m glad I’m not not alone with this problem but, yeah…
What keyboard are you using Marko?`


You have to change ingame from controller to keyboard manually GENERAL/input device /keyboard&mouse

Hopefully this is the case for Marko but for me it’s already pre selected and grayed out so you can’t even change it. When I connect a controller I can change it but it does nothing.

So, I have been going crazy trying to figure this out and I’m not sure what did it but I made sure I was running the blizzard/game with admin rights. I also found out that people have been having this problem with other CoD games and so I found an old thread from black ops.

I followed the random instructions someone had to sort out a problem with their windows search bar and now it works. Not sure what I did but just followed the link some posts down on the page…

Good luck Marko

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I have the same problem with the corsair k70 rgb mk2 keyboard and I just got a corsair ironclaw rgb wireless mouse and neither work for warzone not even with the mouse wired it works just some buttons just randomly work when they want to work but most of the time I push a button but nothing happens then out of nowhere it wants to work and then gets froze doing the command I wanted for like 10 seconds then stops idk what the problem is tried all the trouble shooting steps I could find but nothing works